Gold Rush University, which we have affectionately nicknamed: GoldRushU

Seems most of us are in a hurry these days...

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The purpose of this site is to be a resource for knowledge, skills and a "Motherlode" of useful tools for beginning prospectors (greenhorns), as well as old gray haired ones, small scale miners and part-time prospectors.

It is currently just a pinch of gold dust in what promises to be a full "poke"!

We are currently digging through the mountain of prospecting information out there, "concentrating" it down to the richest "paydirt" to be made available here at GoldRushU.

Some of it is coming from old books, maps, magazines and the electronic world. Some of it is coming from myself and other prospectors sharing their personal experience, which is where some great "nuggets" of value are coming from.

It will be a "working mine" with new "finds" to share, so check back and continue your education at GoldRushU!

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Public Lands for the People
A great grass roots organization fighting hard to keep public land PUBLIC and open to mining, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and other public uses.

If we don't stand up for the freedoms that other generations before us have fought hard to win- we will lose them by default and be left scratching our heads, wondering what happened to the small scale gold miners?!

Gold Rush University is dedicated to keeping America's mining heritage alive for future generations.

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