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from the upcoming DREDGEMASTER book!

It was the COVER STORY in the June 2008 issue of ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal


Listed below are many of the topics covered in our new upcoming book and video training series. A little time spent here is worth years in the field getting from "Greenhorn" (newbie) dredger to  "Seasoned" expert dredger. Of course old timers will find that old dogs really can learn new tricks! You will find many useful dredging tips here to save time, effort and find more gold! One new idea can make it well worth the effort. There is something valuable to be gained here for prospectors of all experience levels. If you don't see something covered that you would like to learn about or just think we flat out skipped something important, by all means, let us know! We all can learn from each other and we are always open to new ideas!  Sign up for updates right here on our website in the right hand column and you will be notified as the book and video lessons become available.


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DredgeMaster Program 


Dedication and Thanks: This program is dedicated to those hardy folks that came before us working diligently to feed their families and make their fortunes. In the process, they opened up frontiers and invented new ways to recover gold. They left us a heritage we can be proud of!


Many thanks also to those great guys I have learned from over the years including Jerry Hobbs, Terry Stapp, Dan Fergot, Craig Colt,  Dave McCracken, Phil Phillips and Mark Gavard to mention a few.  There are many others I have learned from that I met along the rivers and byways, and the intention of this program is to pass on great information and skills to future generations to keep our mining heritage alive.


 The fellowship of family and friends spent together on prospecting trips create strong bonds and memories we cherish all our lives and can not be understated. My In that vein last, but of course not least, my understanding wife that made many treks with me into the wild on prospecting/camping trips I cleverly disguised as romantic getaways…I say a hearty “Thank You!” -it must be true love. I feel closer to you than ever for the sacrifices you have made over the years supporting me in my pursuit of mining.



Partial Table of Contents



What is DREDGING?  Why Dredge?  What it’s all about besides  Finding GOLD!


1. Benefits of Becoming a DredgeMaster:

a. The language of Prospecting: Definitions


2. Getting Started- What you should know before getting wet: Work smarter not harder!

a. Gold and Gold Recovery Equipment basics

b. Dredge Diving (HOOKAH vs. SCUBA)

b. SAFETY: yours, your team members, and your equipment (hand signals, etc.)

c.Where to dredge for gold (the big picture): Club claims, public land, private claims

d. Research pays- sometimes BIG! How to use maps, visual inspections, Google Earth, etc. (the big picture)

e. How to Pick a spot to put your dredge in the river (the little picture).


3. Basic Equipment Needed:

a. Positive Attitude and physical conditioning

b. Dredge (of course!)

c. Anatomy of a dredge

d. Accessories and incredible equipment additions to your dredge

e. Personal DIVE gear


4. Sampling vs. Mining

a. Locating PAYSTREAKS, pockets of gold and valuable minerals (yes, gold is where you find it)

b. Determining whether to dredge here or look for better paying gravel


5. Advanced TIPS and Tricks that took pro dredgers many years to learn (Great stuff here!)

a. Tools and Tips for the NozzleMaster or they are called: Nozzle Operator, Nozzle Man, Nozzle LADY ;) 

b. Before and after season dredge, equipment and dive gear maintenance


6. CobbleMaster Tools and Tips

a. SluiceMaster Skills and Tools

b. Working together for maximum production

c. Dredge maintenance tips


7. Boulders and Winching:

a. Equipment

b. Techniques

c. When to winch and more important: When not to winch

d. Easy on the trees!

e. More Safety: Because it's more important than finding GOLD!


8. Dredging in Different Conditions:

a. Creek Dredging-

b. River Dredging- fast /slow water, cloudy water

c. Assessing the conditions and identifying special requirements



9. Clean-up:

a. Going from the sluice box to the gold bottle -and beyond

b. Just what to do with your Concentrates

c. Amalgamation- recovering ALL the gold in your concentrates

d. Assaying

e. Selling your gold and other values

f. A cleaner environments because of Dredging


10. More good info. 

a. Filing and holding Mining Claims, Mill Sites, etc.

b. Association with and teaming up with other prospectors: When and why

c. Dealing with governing authorities

d. Give back to Prospecting/ Pass on your knowledge to the next generation of young prospectors!

e. Useful Contacts to help you get started dredging and Groups of Prospectors dedicated to keeping you dredging




Appendix: Prospecting WORD Definitions (you may want to start here if you are new to prospecting)

Footnotes: References

Gold Rush University is dedicated to keeping America's mining heritage alive for future generations.

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