Here are some samples of some video shot for the DredgeMaster DVD lesson series that will be set up as downloadable lessons with narration describing what is going on and why. See DredgeMaster Info page for subject details. If you don't see a subject covered that you think is important, let us know! We will add details and chapters as the need or opportunity arise.

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Save yourself many trips out trying to ramp up your learning curve. Start out your dredging trip with knowledge that normally takes years to aquire by going through the entire DredgeMaster Program. This will save you time , money and you will find more gold...faster.

You will see in this short video that salmon have no problem with dredge holes in the river. In fact, they are drawn to them because of the cooler water temperatures and the slower river current. The loosening of the packed river gravels aids in the spawning process as well. A lot of fish mill around the dredge while it is operating because they like to eat the tasty morsels that are being stirred up by the dredge production.


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